Saturday, 19 March 2011

Rob Robot's House

This is Rob Robot's House, This is my most recent 2D background also for the cut out project at university, the idea is to design and make an intro for pre school cartoon, this was the background that my character Rob Robot is to be animated onto, the background came from a long day staring at my character, I based it around him so its easy for "preschoolers" to see its his house. 

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Rob Robot

Now for the recent stuff, This is Rob Robot he is my most recent 2D character for a cut out project at university, the idea is to design and make an intro for pre school cartoon. I have no idea where the idea for a robot came from, I think it was because of the few numbers of robots in pre school cartoons, so I tried to become more original. After a long day drawing this fellow, I vectorised him and made him into a cut out puppet. 

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Meet The Band!

This goes back a while, I made these for my portfolio for college I had on extra page with there names on it, originally they were on separate documents but I misplaced my other hardrive so this one will have to do.
I made the guitarist as a caricature of me including the guitar which is the same one as mine, I never really had anyone to base the drummer on so I just created him from my mind, at one point I will include a bassist and singer but I have been saying that since they first created.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Yes Sheriff!

I drew this when I bought Tom Bancroft's "Creating Characters With Personality" when I first got the book I couldn't put it down, it inspired me to draw more and more. This "sheriff" was one of the creations I made whilst looking through the book, when I have a couple of hours spare I think I will digital paint it, soon as its done ill upload it to here.

Random Robot.

This was a rather random robot I drew in my first year of college, I found in an old sketch book, I knew it was a good idea to keep it and not get rid. Anyway whilst looking through I found this masterpiece (along with other not so good drawings) I neatened it up all nice and thought id post it on here.

Radio Gaga!

This radio was an entry for a competition ran by the university, the task was to design and create an anthropomorphic character from a collection of old house appliances, I chose the radio just because the there are so many different varieties making more to work with.

Initial Sketches. 

At first I started with the long length radios, I worked with them for sometime then I decided they weren't working well as I wanted so I turned to radio's from a later date.

When I drew the first radio I knew this was the one and I knew I could bring it life, so I worked through a few designs and  finished my favourite one on Adobe Illustrator.

The Final Piece.

Monkey Business.

What can I say really, these are 2 of my favourite Monkeys/Gorillas I made few weeks back now, it was during a bus trip to university one morning when the gorilla just decided to pop into my head, I don't really know what made it appealing to me but it just had something special. The Monkey shortly followed it was that night when I was doodling that the monkey began taking its form.