Death Star Plans
Lip Sync

This project was one of the most fun project so far, basically we went out around Hanley, (City Centre of Stoke-on-Trent) and randomly asked people around town questions and recorded there responses, we asked questions like if you was stranded on a desert island what would you take with you, if you was a superhero what would be your name and your super power and my favourite how would you dominate the world.

the response i got for this question was golden he started talking about his version of the Death Star from 'Star Wars' and it worked perfectly in my animation.

Rob Robot

The prolonged wait is over.

This is Rob Robot he is my most recent 2D animation for a cut out project at university, the idea is to design and make an intro for pre school cartoon. The animation was the easy part of the project the design was not so easy, it was difficult to come up with an idea that would be different than everyone else's in the class. After the long designing phase was over out came the fun animation part.

Stop, Look and Run & The Matchstick
During the second semester of the first year we were asked to do quite a few animations for the Applied Timing Module. Here are the first two that I was asked to create.

'Stop, Look and Run' 

The only way for me to explain this animation is I was asked to create an animation that followed a set of instructions these instructions were “..Noise,_look_walk_stop_look again,_look closer_ Shock_ jump_ run”.
We could base that animation on whatever we liked as long as it followed those instructions.

'The Matchstick'

The story behind this animation is that the matchstick has to get back into his matchbox, we had the fun deciding how we wanted to pursue the animation, I decided on the obstacles route, so basically my match has to get from A to B and face obstacles that are in his way.

Stop Motion Box Rig Tests

In a stop motion class we were given this new armature, we were asked to test the rig and see what its capability is, so we did a walk cycle and a walking in the wind, and here is the walking in the wind, I am currently having problems with the walk cycle video uploading so once it is fixed I will upload it.

3D Skeleton Tests.

During one of the 3D lectures, my class and I were given a 3D skeleton rig and a little task to test the rigs capability, we were told to make short animations one of a star jump and one with the arms out to the side and how it would look if you dropped them naturally. Heres what i made. 


Star Jump.

Flour Sack Animation.

The flour sack, we were told to create a 2D cell animation based on a half filled sack of flour design by Disney to test the skills of his new animators, it had knots at each corner and with a label attached to one of the upper knots, to add secondary he sack will also start to rip and lose its volume and weight to become a flat object. for some strange reason I felt the need to do this in and over exaggerated manner by making the flour sack a "pirate".

Here's what I came up with.

Animation Principals.

For the first semester at university we were given the task to create animations with the animation principals in place, there were quite a lot of short animations which needed to be created in order to pass the first semester, they were created in various ways such as:- 

Traditional 2D Drawn Animation 
Stop Motion Animation 
CGI Animation  

These are the several short animations I produced.